How to Get a Smart Back Office That Drives Growth

what are back office accounting services

When your clients demand more, but you can’t add staff, count on The Innovative CPA Group to provide back office accounting service support. Our experienced team of accounting professionals will handle your work overflow and deliver results. Quality Back Office, also known as QBO, offers accounting and bookkeeping services tailored to the specific needs of any business. Providing businesses with accurate and timely records – knowing how and when money is made and spent is key to making important decisions for your business. Outsourced accounting providers already have teams of accountants in place and can often be onboarded to your business within a week or two. Additionally, these external partners have the resources to grow with your business as required.

what are back office accounting services

In this article, we focus mainly on the accounting and compliance functions of your back office. When customers, clients and entrepreneurs visualize any business, they usually imagine the operation’s storefront, logo, products, services or marketing campaigns. In other words, most people choose to define businesses by their brands, products, services, ideas and messages.

Which Back-Office Accounting Functions Can Be Outsourced?

Workflow Cleanup and AdministrationWith an outsourced team, you expand your business’s productivity as the said team handles the administrative work. Our highly-specialized team can meet your unique needs and create a workflow process most suitable for your business. With more than 35 years of combined experience in bookkeeping, accounting, tax prep and secure communications, we know your pain and can provide you the space to put your energies where they are needed.

what are back office accounting services

This means that you get the most results while cutting down the cost of outsourcing accounting services and whatever problems you may be facing at the time. The MoneyPenny accounting team specializes in using top accounting software to keep track of our clients’ financials effectively. With years of collective experience, our team can migrate your back office accounting data from server to cloud applications seamlessly and without error. Overall, outsourcing your back office accounting services can help you save money and improve your bottom line. By outsourcing, you can avoid the costs of hiring and training in-house staff, as well as the costs of purchasing and maintaining accounting software and equipment.


Outsourcing needs to be significantly cheaper than hiring and maintaining accounting staff in the local area. Our company has a decade of industry experience providing back office support services and BPO Services to organizations throughout the world. We continue to help businesses grow by offering dependable services at the best prices. Back office services are services that are utilized by a business in order to support some business processes. Businesses usually outsource back office services to more efficient service providers in order to reduce overheads and also to focus on their core business.

QBO will help with any transition to a QuickBooks Online account or setup of account. A QuickBooks Online account helps QBO to ensure that our work is executed as efficiently as possible. That way you can put all of your focus on your business and let us worry about classing and coding. Referenced here is an introduction to Sage Intacct for NFPs and associations, and how 1,000’s of organizations are improving operations and insight.

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