27 signs of superficial relations

You reveal his soul, and in https://structurevisionasia.com/sample-page/ response you hear the on -duty answers of a clearly disinterested interlocutor? You know everything about him, but he is nothing about you? You see the future with him, but he does not know where he will spend the next vacation? Most likely, the partner perceives you not too seriously. Here is the list on which you can determine how deep your relationship is.

We cannot build deep and emotionally significant relations with all the people we meet. If you rarely meet with a person and do not spend much time together, you hardly see the point in developing relationships. However, superficial relations in a pair will be arranged. Especially if you want to feel a deeper connection with a person. There are many questions in such a situation.

Establish a connection

To begin with, if you are trying to understand what your relationship is, and you are even ready to read the article in order to figure it out, this is already an indicator: you do not care. But even if you yourself are a deep person, this does not guarantee a deep relationship. After all, they depend not only on you. If both people cannot or do not want to establish a connection at a deeper level, the relationship will come to naught.

Even if a partner is a deep personality, this does not mean that he suits you. At the same time, communication with people who understand you at the deep level brings more joy and satisfaction.

What to do if you and your partner have too “light” connection?

If the partner is not capable of (or not interested) to establish a serious relationship, you should adjust your own expectations. Perhaps he is afraid to get closer too quickly or understands the depth of the relationship differently than you.

If the partner also wants to translate relationships to another level, and his ideas about a deep relationship coincide with yours, you are lucky. And if not? How to find out if he is ready to bring together?

Psychotherapist Mike Bandrent listed 27 of the features of superficial relations, which may help you understand the situation.

Scream and whisper

Walls, sighs, kisses and a special sound of connecting bodies … Does it make sense to supplement with words this music of love?

Silence in bed

This is confident sexologists, not the best aphrodisiac. Although too thin walls or open windows are able to make neighbors involuntary witnesses of our passion, you still should not constantly sacrifice your pleasure for their peace. Sigh and moan, let the partner know: his desire to give you pleasure did not go unnoticed! “This is also useful for the woman herself,” the sexologist Irina Panyukova is sure. – moan – exhale with the participation of voice, it relieves tension and muscle clamps, which increases susceptibility to caresses. And a scream, being in itself with a strong physical action, enhances the intensity of other experiences. Psychophysiologists discovered the phenomenon of synesthesia, the mutual influence of sensations. For example, when a person hears loud cotton, his ability to distinguish colors at a distance increases. “. If partners simultaneously emit a moan or a cry of delight, a special feeling of unity is born between them.


They excite. But not always and not all. “It is important that lovers have a common dictionary of love,” Irina Panyukova explains. – However, it takes time to make it. Words that are understandable to two with a half -man, expressions that they endowed with a special erotic subtext, this secret language turns partners into delicate accomplices, delivering incomparable pleasure. Rude words and curses in bed are also able to increase excitement. But the one who is not used to them, they can scare. And therefore, for starters

Siva ljubavnica, smeđa i plava u životu vjerojatno će biti tiha i uravnotežena. Vjeruje se da plava odjeća djeluje na okolne relaksacije, zato je to najčešća boja uniforme. Ali u Farmacija Hrvatska i smeđoj ljubitelju seksa, vjerojatno, daju vjerojatnost mnogim drugim stvarima, kažu britanski psiholozi. Želim vjerovati.

, it is better to pronounce them carefully, maybe in a whisper, sensitively following the reaction of the partner. “. It is important that love communication is not limited to bed. Imagine how a rough phrase will act on a woman who never hears good words from her man.


It is not necessary to pronounce the sacramental formula “I love you”. There are other ways to express your joy: “I feel good with you”, “It’s so nice when you are near”. Are not superfluous and praise of appearance. “Even if we assume that we are completely confident in our attractiveness, it is pleasant to get her confirmation from the person who is with us now,” the sexologist agrees. It is generally accepted that men like it when a woman sings the dignity of their “male dignity”. If it doesn’t work out loud to admire the dimensions, you can find other words: powerful, powerful, strong … supplement at your own discretion.


But not all conversations in bed are useful. Do not ask too many questions: “You are so good? And so? You had an orgasm?»They testify to the uncertainty that can be transmitted to the partner: he will begin to engage in“ self -diagnostics ”, instead of completely surrendering to enjoy. Also, sexologists recommend avoiding replicas like the one that was in an old joke – the man wakes up from a whisper: “Darling, and we will put the nightstand at that corner!”If we want to keep a love mood, conversations on household topics are best done outside the bedroom.

This is even more related to clarification of relations. “In our minds, we involuntarily associate the place with the events that take place there,” Irina Panyukova recalls. – quarrels and just unpleasant thoughts deprive the bed of romanticism. Discuss the authorities, relatives, plans for the summer and everything that has nothing to do with what is happening between partners at this very minute, you can at another time and in another place. And leave the bed for caresses, games, exciting words and mutual admiration “.